Keith Champagne CMA

Hands-on Financial Leader | Accelerating Growth | Improving Process | Creating Value

Experienced management accountant that helps companies reach their goals of creating value for their customers, employees, and shareholders.

Business Plans, Corporate Strategy, Financial Modeling, Risk Management, Capital Budgeting, ROI, NPV, IRR

Long Range (3-10 yrs.), Annual, Product/Channel P&Ls, Revenue and Expense Budgets

Monthly Closing, Forecasts/Estimates, Financial Reporting, Auditing

Process Improvement, Project Management, Change Management, Training & Education, Internal Controls

1) Translate strategy into actionable plans
2) Identify resources needed and get them into the plan
3) Show how operational plans drive results
4) Promote Agility - take action when missing goals

Contact me for questions you have about:

Building strategy, creating a plan, process improvements, financial modeling.

Making Capex decisions using NPV | IRR | Payback

Russell Reynolds summarizes the Consumer Analyst Group's
findings on the latest company strategies for top & bottom line
growth. To read click "decoding CAGNY"in my Links box!


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Do you see people as humans or as objects? Human's are not

Obstacles: in your way
Vehicles: do something for you
Irrelevant: don’t matter to you

Actions speak louder than words!

Greater New York Area

5) Cascade plan targets
6) Hold people Accountable for results
7) Develop KPIs for the drivers of success
8) Initiatives and projects to hit targets
9) Monitor results & tie them to incentives